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Economic Development
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Roadway Master Plan
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Economic Development

2006 Roadway Master Plan

2006 Roadway Master Plan


The Grand Blanc Township Transportation Committee undertook an effort to evaluate the township roadway system with respect to:

  • Inventory of Assets and Conditions
  • Safety
  • Future Traffic
  • Non-motorized Pathways
  • Funding Options


What will the Master Plan do for the Township?

  • Used annually to select Act 51 projects
  • Quickly determine budgeting estimates
  • Used for TIP project selection
  • New development checked against overall township traffic model
  • Checking developers’ traffic impact studies
  • Pre-identifies safety project grant possibilities
  • Corridor preservation
  • Pathway ordinances - grants

Next Steps

  • Board acceptance of Draft Roadway Master Plan. - COMPLETED
  • Transmit plan to Genesee County Road Commission. - COMPLETED
  • Transmit plan to neighboring communities. - COMPLETED
  • Funding Plan
  • Public Information Meeting(s)
  • Incorporation of comments and publication of final plan


  • Each road was driven and evaluated for present condition.
  • Non-subdivision streets’ RSL was subjectively determined and a fix was ecommended.
  • Subdivision streets entered into Streetsmart database.
  • Roadsoft GIS database was requested and obtained from LTAP at Michigan Tech

Top Needs

  • County Primary (Fed. Fund.) - Expected Fix - Cost
  • Belsay Road – Perry to Hill - Reconstruct - $1,094,000.00
  • Belsay Road – Hill to Maple - Reconstruct - $1,193,000.00
  • Grand Blanc – Embury to City - Mill, CPR, Ov. -$271,000.00
  • Perry – Bella Vista to Belsay - Mill, CPR, Ov. - $413,000.00
  • County Local (Act 51) - Expected Fix - Cost
  • Reid Road – Dort to Porter Reconstruct $601,000.00
  • Wakefield Road – Hill to Maple Reconstruct $1,131,000.00
  • Cook Road – Holly to Saginaw Reconstruct $1,556,000.00
  • Genesee Road – Hill to Maple Mill and Ov. $284,000.00


Subjective analysis of roadways took into consideration remaining service life (RSL) as well as Preventative Maintenance projects to extend the RSL.
The Genesee County Road Commission supports Preventative Maintenance to extend service lives.


  • UD-10 crash reports received from Police Department for 2002-2004.
  • Crashes were hand tabulated and plotted on overall township map.
  • Intersection crashes were grouped and counted to determine high concentrations.
  • Highest crash locations were evaluated for patterns and potential fixes.


  1. Hill @ Saginaw: 3 Yr. Total 70 crashes
  2. Hill @ Dort: 3 Yr. Total 65 crashes
  3. Saginaw @ Baldwin: 3 Yr. Total 63 crashes
  4. Hill @ Fenton: 3 Yr. Total 56 crashes
  5. Hill @ Center: 3 Yr. Total 51 crashes
  6. Dort @ Reid: 3 Yr. Total of 4 critical injuries


  1. Hill Road, I-475 to Porter: ADT 30,291
  2. Hill Road, Fenton to I-475: ADT 28,563
  3. Hill Road, Porter to Dort: ADT 26,180
  4. Holly Road, I-75 to Genesys: ADT 25,409
  5. Saginaw, City Limits to Hill: ADT 20,981

Future Traffic

  • Traffic count data was input into Synchro for majority of township intersections.
  • Existing traffic model was created for entire township.
  • Future traffic was projected from build-out.
  • Future traffic model was created for entire township.
  • New connections / roadway extensions were evaluated.


Traffic modeling indicated areas of future need which may require capacity increases and/or new connections. Findings were in line with Thoroughfare Plan. Suggestions were taken from the Thoroughfare Plan section of the Township Master Plan. These suggestions were evaluated in accordance with the future traffic projections and appear to have some potential. The Transportation Committee has not endorsed these suggestions at this point. Further study on each will be required to determine acceptability to the Township. They are presented as Draft findings.

  • Extension of Genesee Road from Perry Road to Hill Road
  • Extension of Belsay Road south to Baldwin Road
  • Extension of Grand Avenue south to Baldwin Road
  • Widening of Grand Blanc Road
  • Widening of Perry Road
  • Widening of Baldwin Road
  • Widening of Maple Road
  • Widening of Hill Road
  • Widening of Belsay Road
  • Proposed 2-lane road connecting Grand Blanc Road to Cook Road
  • Forty-five separate intersection improvements due to turning movement capacities .

Nonmotorized Pathways

Grand Blanc Township Pathways Master Plan was adopted in 1996. No current ordinance requiring construction, typically mandated by Planning Commission through site plan approval process. Recommend updating Pathways Master Plan and adopting document by reference. Provide adoption paragraph in Article 24 of Section 2407 of the Township Code. As a result of this report, the township has created a sub-set of the Transportation Committee to begin the Pathways Master Plan update.

County Primary Roads

  • Regular STP (Surface Transportation Program) through county TIP (Transportation Improvement Plan)
  • Category C funds (adding capacity) through county TIP
  • Category A funds (economic development) through county TIP
  • Safety funds (intersections, etc…) through county TIP

County Local Roads

  • Act 51 funds
  • SAD’s (Special Assessment Districts) through the county
  • The township can also special assess on roads that non-residents derive a benefit from.

Current Road Funding

  • Hill Road – STP funds
  • Perry / Belsay – Category C Funds



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