Public Services

Department of Public Works
5371 South Saginaw Street
Grand Blanc MI, 48439

For questions regarding utility accounts or general inquiries, please call Tammy Lajewski or Maria Hobson at (810) 424-2640

The Township Department of Public Works is responsible for the maintenance and repair of Township owned public water and sewer infrastructures.  Through preventative maintenance and necessary repairs, the DPW delivers quality drinking water to most businesses and residents and ensures the safe and proper collection and disposal of sewage.  Department staff is responsible for over 250 miles of water main and 250 miles of sewer mains.

In addition to this work, the DPW also performs various building and grounds maintenance, monitors and maintains three (3) township owned cemeteries, helps maintain the Perry House, occasionally completes projects for the Parks Department and maintains a fleet of over 70 Township vehicles and pieces of equipment.

The DPW also performs snow and ice removal services for residential (local) streets within the township. The Genesee County Road Commission maintains all primary roads. This service is performed by the Township to offer residents safer traveling conditions in our neighborhoods during the winter months. (See Snow and Ice Removal Process for more details)

The Director of Public Works is the Administrative Head of the Department.  The Director is responsible for the collection and disbursement of all public funds related to the Public Works function of the Township. The DPW Director is responsible for the effective use of personnel to properly perform the duties of the Department and ensure that all responsibilities to the Township Residents and Business Owners are met.



Jeff Sears, Director of Public Works, S-1

Gregory Boggs, Assistant Director of Public Works, S-1, D-4

Mike Yuresko, Crew Leader, S-2

Kevin Garner, Technician, S-2

Neil Schattilly, Technician, S-2

Terry O’Brien, Technician, S-2

Bob Stuckwisch, Technician, S-3

Dan Hajek, Technician, S-2

Mike Taylor, Technician, S-3

Joe Southard, Technician S-2

Thomas James, Technician

Brian Aulph, Technician

Steve Chilcutt, Lead Mechanic

Ken Weaver, Senior Mechanic

Maria Hobson MPA, Clerical II, S-2

Tammy Lajewski, Clerical I