E-Plan Review

Welcome to the Grand Blanc Township E-Plan Review portal.

In an effort to effectively monitor the site plan review process and keep the customer informed, Grand Blanc Township's E-Plan Review Portal enables all plan submittals, staff review/approvals and communication to occur using the latest technology.

Benefits of Digital Submissions Through the Portal

  • Timely status updates: As the review moves through different stages, the customer will receive notification as to where it is in the plan review process. If additional documentation is needed, the customer will be notified and documentation can be added to the project.
  • Saves Time: If revisions to a plan are needed, customers can make revisions and resubmit them via the portal. This results in quicker plan review and turnaround times.
  • Saves Paper: No longer are multiple copies of plans needed as reviewers view the same set of digital plans and provide comments within the software.

Account Setup/Login

For instructions on creating your account and submitting digital documents through the portal, access the Digital Submittal Guide (PDF).

New customers - view the new user registration website to begin your registration.

Returning customers - log into your account on the Grand Blanc plan review website.