Dulcee Ranta
Assessing Department
G-5371 S. Saginaw Street 
P.O. Box 1833
Grand Blanc, MI 48480-0057 
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The Assessing Department has the responsibility of appraising and determining the true cash value of all taxable properties located within the township. This department also has the responsibility to prepare the assessment rolls and tax rolls for Grand Blanc Township. The State of Michigan Constitution and Statute requires that, notwithstanding, any other provision of law, the assessed values placed upon the assessment roll shall be at 50% of true cash value. The assessed values, when equalized, became the State Equalized Values (SEV) and taxes were based on those values. This procedure changed with the passage of Proposal A in March of 1994. Proposal A placed additional and profound limits on the values used to compute property taxes. Starting in 1995 and thereafter, property taxes are calculated based on the Taxable Value.

The Assessing Department serves as a source of information for the public by maintaining for general inspection, subdivision plat maps, as well as property record cards for each parcel of land located in Grand Blanc Township. At present there are over 13,800 real parcels and over 800 personal property accounts. The appraisers within this department are constantly reviewing and updating records to reflect changes that occur to the individual properties.

Responsible for real and personal property assessment functions in Grand Blanc Township, to ensure that all property is fairly and equally assessed among all taxpayers as required by Michigan property tax laws, and that accurate assessment records are maintained.

Township Assessor's Typical Duties

  1. Oversees appraisal and records maintenance activities. Trains, monitors quality and quantity of work performance, and as necessary, disciplines staff. Assists workers in resolving difficult or unusual assessment problems.
  2. Supervises the conversion of collected data into uniform property valuation to which standard assessment factors are applied.
  3. Personally appraises more difficult real properties and personal property including new industrial and commercial construction.
  4. Supervises the preparation of the assessment roll collection warrant and special assessment roll.
  5. Assists the Board of Review by providing information relating to their adjustments of the assessment roll.
  6. Answers inquiries and handles complaints, and speaks at meeting of taxpayers, builders, bankers, realtors, and others regarding assessment and appraisal practices and specific tax assessments.
  7. Reviews County equalization studies to assure equitable treatment for Township property owners.
  8. Plans and directs the gathering of data for sales ratio studies to determine adjustment of assessment levels. Converts data to specific area or specific property adjustments.
  9. Defends assessments appealed to the Michigan Tax Tribunal by:
    1. Meeting with owner or agent in counsel conference.
    2. Meeting with owner or agent member of tribunal to determine all facts previous to final hearing.
    3. Defending the assessment at a hearing before the full tribunal and small claims division.
  10. Processes lot split/acreage split petitions and review zoning/land use actions for impact on assessments.
  11. Coordinates assessment practices with other Township units and with County and State representatives to resolve matters of mutual concern.
  12. Prepares required County and State tax reports and assists Treasurer with tax collection activities.
  13. Prepare the Assessing Department's preliminary budget submitting for approval and monitoring the approved budget throughout the fiscal year.
  14. Keeps informed of current and pending legislation pertaining to taxation. Attends annual assessors' courses and seminars and reads related literature.
  15. Performs various other related duties as needed.


Danyelle Herington, MAAO, PPE
Responsible for miscellaneous new construction, portion of deed processing and sale inspections.

Theresa WoodMCAO, PPE
Assists all staff members with day to day operations of department.

Dianna Henderson, MCAO, PPE 
Responsible for taxpayer assistance. Processes all sale transactions and processes transfers and homestead affidavits. Handles day to day operations of department for staff. Works with all taxpayers requesting any of the various exemptions they may qualify for.