Property Questionnaire

                                                       Parcel #:   
Home Questions:

Number of rooms on the first floor (not including bathrooms)
Number of rooms on the second floor (not including bathrooms)
Number of Bedrooms
Number of 2 fixture bathrooms (half bath - toilet & sink)*
Number of 3 fixture bathrooms (full bath - toilet, sink, & tub/shower)*
* Do not include any bathrooms in the basement in this count

The following questions are general maintenance questions.  If original to home with no updates, please leave blank.

      Year Replaced                                           Year Updated                                            
 Roof                                         Kitchen                                      
 Windows                               Baths                                           
             Floor Coverings                               Does the home have central air conditioning?   Yes   No
Kitchen                          Bath(s)                    Does the home have a whole home generator?  Yes   No
 Vinyl                          Vinyl                    Does the home have solar panels?   Yes  No     How many? 
 Ceramic                   Ceramic
 Wood                        Wood
 Laminate                 Laminate

                         ***The following questions pertain to the basement area only***

Is your basement finished?  Yes   No             If yes, estimate percent finished  
How many rooms are in the basement area? 
Is there a bathroom in the basement?  Yes   No    If so, is it a 2 or 3 fixture bathroom?  

Basement Finish Questions:

Wall Finish                           Ceiling Finish                                       Flooring
Drywall                              Drywall                                 Vinyl         Carpet   
Paneling                            Suspended                           Wood       Laminate

Thank you for taking the time to complete the questionnaire.  Please feel free to add any information that may be useful in the comments box below: