Building Permits


The purpose of the building inspections division of the building department is to approve permits and conduct inspecting of permitted worked under the 2015 Michigan Building code. The township issues permits and makes inspections to protect the public by making sure the work is done by qualified persons.

General Information

Building Fee Schedule

Phone: 810-424-2782
Inspections for same day call before 7:00am at 810-424-2690


Building Permit Requirement Information

Permit Applications

Application will not be accepted unless all items are included. The following information is required on the Building Permit Application.

Page 1 - Project Information, owner information, if over 3,500 sq ft Architect/Engineer contractor information (contractor name number match license on file)

Page 2 - Brief Description i.e. - house with garage and deck, house with garage, house including finished basement. If deck is included in application, Deck Section must be completed.

Page 3 - Must be complete

Page 4 - If homeowner is obtaining own permit, must be signed. If contractor permit, this page is not applicable. .

Page 5 - Must be complete and signed.

Page 6 - Not usually used for new house permits

Page 7 - Complete plot plan required - usually will be on separate page or on blue prints. Plot plan must show front set back from right of way, left and right side yard set backs and rear setback. If wetlands are present they must be shown, including the set back. If power lines are present they must be shown, including the set back.

Page 8 - Must be complete including construction cost and signature. If applicant is same as contractor, may write "same" in that section.

House numbers are assigned by the Genesee County Road Commission if in a platted subdivision.

House numbers are assigned by Consumers Energy for apartments or on private roads.

Inspection Request Procedures

Inspection voice mail system: 810-424-2690
Inspection help desk: 810-424-2782
Permits help desk: 810-424-2782
Fax: 810-694-2783

Please use the electronic mail box system to schedule inspections for building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing permits issued by Grand Blanc Township.

Any problems or questions regarding inspections should be directed to the building department staff via the office numbers listed above.

This system is not for use to request sewer and water inspections. Those inspections must be made by phone through the Department of Public Works at 810-424-2600.

Please note that any reinspection fees due must be paid prior to reinspection.

To request an inspection please dial 810-424-2690. Use the extension as instructed. Failure to provide adequate information will result in no inspection being performed. No notice will be given.

When making an inspection request, please provide the following information. Appointments are made for footing inspection only.

  • Date and type of inspection (give time for footing inspections only)
  • Permit address and permit number, including prefix ( bd, rm, etc.)
  • Name of caller, company name and telephone number
  • If there is a lockbox you must leave code each time an inspection is requested.

If a footing inspection is requested and a scheduling conflict exists you will be notified by telephone as soon as the conflict is found. If no notification is made, the time you have requested is available.

Only requests made by 7:00am will be performed on the same business day.

Requests made after 7:00am will be scheduled for the next business day.

The electronic mail boxes are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Office hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. All inspectors are available in the building department from 8:00am to 9:00am daily.

Inspectors do not schedule inspections or appointments.