Weather Sirens

As winter begins to wind down, we must direct our attention to severe weather that may follow. This is especially true during late March and April. While the snow was flying and the winds blowing, we updated the weather sirens so that we are sure they are working properly in order to keep our citizens safe.

The sirens are strategically placed throughout the community so that they can be heard if severe weather is approaching. If the sirens are activated, be sure to seek cover and if possible have a radio or television near your shelter in order to be able to listen to the current weather condition.

Lastly, beginning in April and running through October, the sirens are tested the first Saturday of the month at 1:00 p.m. This test is conducted twice, the first test is for severe weather and the second test is for citizens’ security.

When the sirens activate, test or real, they will run the full time and will not be terminated. All of our sirens will run for three (3) minutes. If there is a real threat, the sirens will be activated numerous times and will continue to run until the on and off immediate threat is over. There is no “all clear” activation with our sirens. For questions, please contact the fire department.