Master Plan

Grand Blanc Township
Master Plan

Hello Grand Blanc Township residents, business owners, property owners and visitors. The Township Board recently authorized preparation of a new Master Plan land use document. The Master Plan is a long-range document and policy guide designed to help communities create a vision of what they want to look like in the future. Master Plans help guide communities in their decision making on land use, development and preservation.

The planning process will include reviewing past plans, collecting and analyzing existing data, reviewing site conditions, seeking public input and establishing an updated vision. The vision will identify goals, objectives, and strategies for future land use, recreation, economic development and environmental preservation. The planning process will include participation from the Planning Commission, Downtown Development Authority, Township Board, business and property owners and, most importantly, citizens of this great community. The Planning Commission will take the lead in creating the Comprehensive Plan document and associated maps.

The documents listed on this page provide the foundation for creating our new Master Plan.

Updated Grand Blanc Township Master Plan 7-22-2021

Grand Blanc Township Master Plan  12-15-2020