Computer Forensics and Internet Crimes Unit

This Computer Forensics and Internet Crimes unit was formed in September of 2005 due to increasing criminal activity in the area of computers and other digital media, and the use of them in the perpetration of more conventional criminal acts. In the digital age as more and more criminals are using computers and the internet to communicate, document illegal activities, commit fraud and transmit child sexually abusive material. Grand Blanc Township Police Department has chosen to take a lead role in the apprehension of these types of criminals.

This section is made up of two Computer Forensic Examiners and Internet Crimes Investigators, who are specialized in this field and deal specifically with crimes involving the use of computers, the internet, cellular telephones and other devices containing information in the digital age. The unit includes Detective Jason Whittey and Officer Tom McCoy. These individuals are highly trained experts and assist other investigators in the collection of evidence, and testimony during prosecution of crimes involving digital media. The officers that are a part of this unit perform daily duties in the patrol, investigative and administrative divisions and are assigned computer investigations on an as needed basis.