Grand Blanc Township will be conducting snow removal on residential streets this weekend and we need your help! 

  • Please DO NOT PARK IN THE ROAD if at all possible. Damage to your vehicle is possible because these trucks are hard to maneuver. We will leave a lot of snow around the vehicle and we will not come back and plow the road after the vehicle has been moved. 
  • Please DO NOT SHOVEL YOUR SNOW BACK INTO THE ROAD. Again, we will not come back and plow the road. This is also against the law and violators can be prosecuted. 
  • Please STAY HOME if you can. Give our trucks room to work and if the roadways appear to be slippery and unsafe, it is best to stay off of them. 
  • We apologize in advance for plowing snow into the end of your driveway but there is no where else to put it. Rest assured, when we are done, we all have to go home and shovel the ends of our driveways. It is best to wait for the plow truck to finish its job before you begin shoveling in order to avoid repeating the task. 

Thank you for your cooperation. We are here to provide this service for our Community and your help in allowing us to plow efficiently and safely is greatly appreciated. 

Jeff Sears
Director of Public Works