DPW Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact the Township DPW for more information at (810) 424-2460.

What is the township policy regarding snow removal?

What do I do if the township breaks my mailbox while plowing snow?

What if the snowplows damage my yard?

I had a sewer back up during a recent rainstorm. What should I do?

How should I go about having my basement cleaned after a sanitary sewer backup?

How do I pay for the clean up?

I have a problem in the sanitary sewer service lead (lateral). Whom do I call for help?

What is a sanitary sewer service lead (lateral)?

What is connected to this sanitary sewer service lead (lateral)?

What might have caused the sanitary sewer to back up?

What can I do to prevent a sanitary sewer backup?

What is a backflow or backwater valve?

I have a septic field and would like to connect to public sanitary sewer lines. How can I do that?

I have a private well.  Do I have to connect to the Township water supply?