GRAND BLANC TOWNSHIP, MI, MARCH 18, 2020 – The Grand Blanc Township Department of Public Works is advising residents and customers to not flush paper-towel or “flushable” wipes down the toilet during the toilet paper shortage. These items do not dissolve in water like toilet paper does and because they are heavier in weight, they do not flow through sewers like toilet paper does. These items are generally the leading cause for sewer back-ups. Most importantly, the back-up will most likely happen in the homes sanitary sewer service pipe which is a smaller diameter pipe that what the Township Maintains. This line is not under the jurisdiction of the Township and will be costly to residents if a plumber or sewer cleaning company has to be called to clean your line. If the plug does occur in the Townships mainline, we won’t know about it until it’s too late and several homes will more than likely be affected.  The proper way to dispose of these items is to simply throw them in the garbage.

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