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Exercise your right to participate in the election process - register to vote!
At the Township Government Center
5371 S. Saginaw Street 
Phone: 810-424-2644

The elected officers of a Charter Township consists of the Supervisor, Clerk, Treasurer and four Trustees. The term of office for all township officials is four years and commenced on November 20 following the November General Election which is held in presidential years. To become a candidate for these offices you must be a qualified elector of the township. This is defined as someone at least 18 years of age, a U.S. citizen and has lived at least 30 days in the township for which they will serve and be a registered voter. A candidate who wants his or her name printed on the primary ballot must file a nominating petition and an affidavit of identity with the township clerk. The nominating petition must be signed by a number of qualified and registered voters of the township.

Pic Govt Clerk VotingInfoThe township has  17 precincts and 8 polling locations. These locations are: McGrath Elementary, 5288 Todd Street, Myers Elementary, 6085 Sun Valley, Grand Blanc Senior High School, 12500 Holly Rd., Bethany Baptist Church, 2353 E. Grand Blanc Rd., Grand Blanc West Middle School, 1515 Reid Rd., Grand Blanc East Middle School, 6100 Perry Rd., Mason Elementary, 4405 E. Cook Rd., Twin Cities Baptist Church, 5339 S Saginaw Rd.

To vote in an election you must be a registered voter. 

Grand Blanc Township has purchased new voting equipment which is an optical scan system. This is a simple and efficient, voter-friendly system and will give election results in a fraction of the time it took the old system.

If you have questions regarding your voting status, obtaining a ballot, or the voting process you may call Lynn Henry, Deputy Clerk, 810-424-2644 or email at

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For sample ballots and other important information please visit the State of Michigan's Web Voter Information Center